I'm a professional 3D Artist, Animator, Illustrator and Motion Graphics Artist working in the Entertainment/Television industry for over 16 years.
I really enjoy mixing both 2D and 3D mediums in my work to tell the story needed to be told, creating work that is dynamic, impactful and most of all communicates the idea as intended.
I'm very used to working with tight deadlines and am efficiently quick at getting the job done with high quality results. I'm able to work really well within a team environment or alone, taking on multiple tasks where required with the ability to adapt to various styles in design.
It's very important to me that the communication is strong between me and my client, allowing a good working relationship to evolve in to having the same goal.
I'm very proud of what I have achieved so far in my career, and want to continue doing it on a collaborative level. 
If you have any questions or interest in my work you can contact me here: myke.carella@gmail.com
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